The Ukrainian Woman of Your Dreams

09/24/2020 UPDATE: I have an official logo and Facebook banner for Foreign Chat Web business. Please take a look at them and give me your thoughts in the “Comments” section.


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08/08/2020 UPDATE: I really want to help you (American or Western man) build a serious relationship with an Ukrainian woman from Elizabeth’s dating agency in Odessa, Ukraine.

If you have questions, concerns, or an interest in talking to Elizabeth on Skype for FREE, please send me a:

Elizabeth and I hope to hear from you soon and help you find your future Ukrainian wife or girlfriend.


Picking to meet and connect with Viktoria has become the best decision of my life. Thanks to the Lord God, I have built relationships with her, Valeria, and especially Elizabeth. I constantly remind them that I am no longer interested in meeting/dating other ladies when I return to Odessa, Ukraine. I have learned my lesson after dealing with some people who just want money or expensive items from me.

I have been absent from this blog for almost a month. The reason is that I have been communicating and developing a Skype video chatting business (which is called “Foreign Chat Web“) with Elizabeth. She and I are truly eager and motivated to help single and available Ukrainian ladies in her dating agency find their future husbands or boyfriends.

Are you interested in learning about “Foreign Chat Web” company plus getting help from me and Elizabeth for pursuing the woman of your dreams?

If your answer is ‘yes’, please read below what you would receive and should expect as a possible customer:

1. FREE video chat with Elizabeth

You would receive it if you send me and her a Facebook or email message including your:

  • full name
  • phone number
  • age
  • Skype name or number (optional)
  • job or occupation
  • city and country you live

2. more information about the video chatting business, Ukrainian culture, Odessa, Ukrainian ladies, etc. from Elizabeth

During your Skype conversation with her, she would talk to you about everything from A to Z.

3. choice of 1 lady for your PAID video chat

This would happen if you say ‘yes’ to buying video chat(s).

Elizabeth would email you a document containing photos and profile information of Ukrainian women who are available for Skype communication.

Once you select a female and tell Elizabeth, Elizabeth would contact and ask her if she wishes to talk to you.

If the lady agrees, then learn what day and time she is available. Elizabeth is going to make you aware of that as well as different time zones (yours and Odessa, Ukraine).

Here is how you would pay for video chat(s):

  • – Ask for my PayPal email address (, log in or register to the website, send amount of money, and let me know for confirmation.
  • Western Union – Ask for Elizabeth’s full name, phone number, email address, and other information, log in or register to website or visit Western Union store, send amount of money, let her know by sending her the tracking number (MTCN) and anything else important.

Get ready for your first video chat with a beautiful, sincere, and compatible lady.

Please read “Do You Want a Video Chat with an Ukrainian Woman?” blog post for things that you need to know and do as preparation of your Skype video call.

4. benefits of your PAID video chat

Both of you and your chosen lady would be in your comfort zones.

There is no need to wear a face mask because your communication is going to be on your computer or television screen anyway. She does not have to wear a face mask either.

Elizabeth would remind you and her about the video chat, rules, and anything else in advance.

In addition, Elizabeth is going to be in the background and help you translate your words and those of your chosen lady.

Both of you should treat the video chat as a first date by:

  • dressing well
  • having respect with each other
  • staying positive
  • keeping the conversation light and fun
  • making sure that there is plenty of light in your rooms so that you can see each other clearly
  • also making sure that there is peace and silence in your rooms so that you can hear each other clearly too

Please read step 6 of “Do You Want a Video Chat with an Ukrainian Woman?” blog post for more information of your first and PAID video chat.

5. ongoing communication with Elizabeth

Stay in touch with her and she would do the same for you too.

If you wish to continue video chatting with the same woman or someone else, please let Elizabeth know.

Follow the same steps, rules, etc. if you decide to have a second PAID video chat with the same lady or a different one.

If you plan to travel to Odessa, Ukraine, please let Elizabeth know in advance. She would become your tour guide, adviser, and “wingwoman” when it comes to dating, her culture, finding an apartment, and so forth.

If you need somewhere nice, safe, and cheap to stay, she can help you with that indeed. She is a real estate agent. In other words, she manages, sells, buys, and/or rents out apartments and maybe other buildings. Therefore, she is the perfect individual to collaborate for a business or something else.

Give her everything including your flight schedule, apartment or hotel reservation, etc. Collecting much information is going to help her and me make your trip to Odessa simple, relaxing, and pleasant to enjoy.

6. a chance to find true love and happiness in Odessa

Based on my personal experiences in Odessa, I can reassure you that many ladies there are searching and hoping to find good men. The women have extreme difficulty in finding true love because they outnumber the men. Another reason is that the shortage of local Ukrainian men is unfaithful, disrespectful, abusive, spoiled, favored by society and the Ukrainian government, etc. Therefore, women have no choice but to turn to men outside their nation for marital relationships.

I consider Elizabeth’s dating agency (which is known as “Just_Married”) better due to my close relationship with her, Valeria, and Viktoria.

Get to know a lady from the dating agency on a deep level whether she is someone you have been communicating on Skype or someone else you choose to meet during your potential trip in Odessa.

Like me, you would have a new perspective toward ladies and everything else in general.

If you ever become serious about marriage, please read and follow the 5 specific stages in “The Fiance(e) Visa Process” blog post. You would understand what to do and have in order. Doing the process successfully is going to lead you to an amazing life with your future Ukrainian wife in your country.


So, altogether, you get 6 chronological things if you become a customer of “Foreign Chat Web” business.

Again, Elizabeth has female friends and clients (in her “Just_Married” dating agency) who are looking and hoping to meet the men of their dreams.

If you are truly looking for the woman of your dreams, consider having frequent Skype communication with her and physically meeting and connecting with her in Odessa, Ukraine someday.

If you have any concerns, questions, doubts, etc., please send me and Elizabeth an email message or Facebook message at:

We want to hear from you and help you in your journey to everlasting love and happiness with the right lady by your side.

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