8 Items that You Are Going to Need Overseas

For my return trip to Odessa, Ukraine next week, I have created a list of things that I need to take.

I refuse to ignore the list or even imagine the consequences of forgetting a very important item especially at my local airport.

So, without further ado, here are 8 items that you (American or Western man) are required to have on your possible trip overseas:

  • passport
    • It is a pocket-sized book that contains your:
      • name
      • nationality
      • birthday
      • birthplace
      • other mandatory information
    • You would definitely need it in order to:
      • travel anywhere around the world
      • legally enter any country
      • confirm your identity
    • It lasts for 10 years.
      • If you want to use it for another decade, you have to renew it.
      • In addition, you have to go to a local store (e.g. CVS Pharmacy or Walgreen’s) and buy new passport photo(s) of yourself.
    • Please keep it somewhere safe and hidden.
      • It is as valuable as your money, debit card(s), or social security number is.
      • Spending extra money for a replacement and going through a longer process for its approval may be your negative consequences if you lose the passport.
  • digital camera
    • It is an electronic device that lets you:
      • take digital images
      • record videos
      • transfer files to your computer or other device through a memory card reader or USB cable
    • 3 reasons for using it abroad are:
      • creating positive memories
        • Once you return home and possibly face a difficult or bad time, just look at the images/videos for inspiration.
        • Sometimes, having positive thoughts or pretending that you are somewhere else when you are at home or a crummy job is not good enough.
      • collecting adequate proof
        • What if others do not really believe that you have traveled to another nation or a certain one?
        • What if you want a foreign woman to marry you and move to your country?
        • What if you want to encourage your relatives, friends, and/or others to go abroad as well?
      • sharing digital files with the world
        • Even though there is a plethora of images, documents, videos, etc. online and offline, your unique work still matters to those who are probably lost, discouraged, bored, or confused.
        • This is why I am proud of this blog and and why I am not jealous of other bloggers/writers (who have more money and popularity than I do).
    • Protect it from getting wet (unless it is waterproof).
      • Also, keep it from falling and breaking too.
      • If you wish to prevent its damages, buy a camera case or pouch for it.
        • When you are not using the camera, keep it in the camera case or pouch for its safety.
  • translator
    • If you choose to quickly translate your words or those of whoever you have a conversation abroad, buy an electronic translator or use Google Translate on your portable device.
    • But, if you want to avoid frustration (if something goes wrong with the translation or machine) and awkwardness, hire a human translator instead.
      • He or she can maintain comfort and stability between you and the person (or people) you talk.
      • Human connection brings people together regardless of different languages, cultures, races, ages, etc.
    • Take good care of your electronic translator if you have it or plan to buy one.
      • Otherwise, you may have to use a dictionary (e.g. English to Spanish dictionary) or visit a website for dependency.
        • You may be deeply affected by a language barrier if you stay in a foreign country (e.g. Colombia) for 2 weeks or longer.
    • If you prefer to have a human translator instead, please:
      • respect him or her always
      • give him/her time off
      • listen to his/her words of wisdom, guidance, and encouragement carefully
      • let him/her make your dates and/or relationships with foreign ladies successful
  • international prepaid phone
    • It is a mobile device that allows you to call anyone around the world, write and send text messages, and/or surf the Internet for a limited time.
      • If you would like to continue using the phone, you must buy extra time or renew your subscription with the phone company.
    • Like me, you can save money and avoid paying expensive phone bill(s) when you return home.
      • Spend some of that money for souvenirs, unforgettable dates, etc. during your trip.
      • Enjoy your time instead of worrying about what you cannot control or stop from happening.
    • Take your other phone that you frequently use anyway.
      • What if something goes wrong with your international prepaid phone?
      • What if someone calls you on your permanent phone for emergency and forgets the phone number of your temporary phone?
  • all-in-one travel adapter
    • It is a plug that allows you to connect and recharge your laptop, mobile phone, and/or other electronics no matter where you go worldwide.
      • If you live in United States or Canada and travel to Central America or South America, you may not need the travel adapter whatsoever.
    • Using it abroad would help you feel relaxed and up to date on everything on the Internet and at home.
      • Because I have not bought or used a travel adapter for my last trip, I have to use my laptop until its battery level has decreased to zero.
      • Fortunately, I do not have to face that problem again on my next vacation.
        • I now have 2 travel adapters that I have bought from eBay.
    • Like me, you should also get 2 of them just in case one stops working.
      • If both has no issues, then you can definitely feel much at ease.
  • multi-pocket pants or shorts
    • It is a pair of pants or shorts that has extra pockets.
      • Therefore, you can have extra room for your wallet, keys, digital camera, mobile phone, etc.
    • I prefer to wear only this type of pants or shorts overseas because I:
      • am concerned about encountering professional thieves
      • wish to have additional pockets for carrying my valuables
      • like to put my hand(s) in a pocket sometimes
    • It is beneficial that you buy multi-pocket pants or shorts so that you can:
      • carry your camera for taking numerous images
      • place something that you may buy at a store, restaurant, or elsewhere
  • antibacterial wipes
    • They are soaked and strong tissues that can fight or eliminate germs, bacteria, body fluids, etc.
      • Good brands that you should consider buying are:
        • Lysol
        • Clorox
        • Germ-X
        • Wet Ones
    • I have bought the Clorox type for my upcoming trip.
      • I may have to use it on an airplane because I use the bathroom a few times per day.
      • I also may need the wipes for cleaning the Airbnb apartment that I am going to stay in Odessa.
    • When it comes to using public restrooms or private ones that strangers have used, you should buy antibacterial wipes without a doubt.
      • We do not know what people in general do or do not do in bathrooms that are not theirs.
  • notebook(s) for important information
    • It is a book that contains a certain number of blank pages for writing.
      • You would need to record phone numbers of your relatives, friends, those you meet abroad, and others for emergency.
      • Also, include information regarding your:
        • flight schedule
        • hotel or apartment that you are going to stay
        • login data to particular websites
        • so on
    • I choose to put my notebooks in my bag instead of my suitcase.
      • Anything can unexpectedly happen overseas.
        • Then, I can contact the right person or people right away.
      • I want to avoid being stranded at a foreign airport or somewhere that looks or seems unsafe.
    • If you want to save time, frustration, disappointment, etc., please write everything that you are going to need on your notebook(s).
      • In addition, include your other urgent things in your bag(s) as well.
      • Put the other stuff (that is less important) in your suitcase.

Those 8 necessary items that I have mentioned in the long bullet list should help you enjoy your trip in a foreign country.

If you skip any of them, expect to face some serious consequences.

However, you can buy certain ones abroad.

Losing or forgetting your passport and notebook(s) is not an option.

You must remember and make sure that you have them in your bag throughout your vacation.

If you need to list all things that you need to take, please do so.

I highly recommend this duty so that you would be less frustrated and disappointed.

Have everything planned, organized, done, and together.

Enjoy your trip to paradise.

Pursue international love with a foreign woman.

Valentyna Bunak
Ukrainian translator, matchmaker, and owner of “Love Story” dating agency – “Valentyna Bunak” YouTube video
international prepaid phone – WorldTravelSIM.com
all-in-one travel adapter – Inspire Uplift

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