The Likability Factor

We want to be liked. We want to make friends. We want to become closer to our families or build new ones (if we have none). We want joy and peace in our lives, minds, and hearts. However, things do not always go our ways. Some people still are not going to like us no matter what we do for them. We are going to face troubling times, sicknesses, heartbreaks, etc. sometimes. To make our lives easy (or easier), we have to accept other people, each other, and the rest of the world as they are.

Whether you (American or Western man) are around loved ones at home, colleagues at work, or even total strangers at a grocery store, your reputation always matters. You have to be on your best behavior. You have to smile and keep a positive attitude. If you need to hide your true feelings from other people and pretend to be someone else, you must do so. Another option is staying home (with those who know you so well) or going somewhere you can be alone (if you are really in a bad mood).

Why is it important for others to like you?

Here are 6 reasons below:

  • You would gain respect from them.
    • You have to let them know who you truly are as a person.
      • If you lie or pretend to be someone else, you can lose respect from others instantly.
      • If they still do not like you, then continue being yourself.
        • Forget about them.
          • They are not different from you honestly.
        • Move on to new relationships with those who would accept and build you up.
        • Are you going to ruin your life by listening to the words of ignorant people?
  • You can get or keep a job.
    • Networking or befriending job worker(s) would help you become hired or remain employed with a company.
    • If you have list(s) or letter(s) of recommendation from someone who is not related to you, you would be considered a good employee to employers, managers, and others.
  • You can get traffic for your potential business.
    • I have learned from some people that you should talk to your family and friends first.
      • Your loved ones would then tell other people about your potential business as well.
    • Another option is to do (online) marketing if you want to communicate with strangers instead.
  • You can build or maintain relationships both personally and professionally.
    • If you are able to win the hearts of other people (whether you know them or not), you may as well become a celebrity.
  • You can encourage or make a big difference in many lives.
    • Even people who are not likable, have character flaws, or deal with personal issues would probably look up to you.
    • If you attend a romance tour and date foreign women, you would give them hope (that there is a suitable man for each of them) because of your heart and respect for them.
      • It does not matter if you marry a foreign woman or not.
        • Just remain a good man.
      • Most foreign men do not love or care so much about the attractive women in their countries.
        • A foreign man can be with 2 or more ladies easily.
          • Foreign women outnumber the men in Ukraine, Colombia, or another foreign country.
  • You like yourself more.
    • You are more able to see your amazing traits and talents.
    • You feel better.
    • You have more clear thoughts.
    • What other people say to you (unless it is positive) is meaningless.
      • Based on my experiences, I have to deal with former co-workers and supervisors gossiping about me behind my back.
        • I even have a few who have talked about me in front of my face.
          • Although I have been bothered a little, I have ignored the gossip and have continued to be myself unapologetically.
            • Those people eventually give up.
            • It is hard to be someone else.
            • If I am someone else, would you be reading this blog post now?
              • Would this blog “Foreign Love Web” (overall) still exist?
    • You can move forward.
    • You know what you want in your life.
    • Finally, you would be able to find the right woman.
      • You would be smarter if you go overseas to find her.

Living in the real world is not easy. But, if we want to survive, we have to deal with people of different personalities. We have to stay in their good sides. We have to always do right (or do what other people consider right). We have to remain normal regardless what happens and how we truly feel about it. Otherwise, we may be gossiped, mistreated, ignored, threatened, fired, ridiculed, rejected, etc. We then have to speak up and stand up to our wrongdoers. Whether we are liked again or not, we get our respect back.

sad man holding happy mask – Everyday Health (source)

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