Put Joy in Your Blog

Blogging is fun in my opinion. I make it that way. I never grow tired of it. I can do it everyday for the rest of my life. I love writing about international dating. In my blog, I want to help numerous women from Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ukraine, the Philippines, China, etc. find good men from United States and Westernized countries. I also want the men, whether they have gone abroad or not, to take serious interest and date/marry foreign women. There is no good reason for anyone around the world to remain single; all he or she has to do is to travel and find the right partner who may be in a foreign country. Whether I receive zero or 10,000 views, I would still continue writing and expanding this WordPress blog.

You should have the same attitude I have. You should voice your opinion about a subject (e.g. obesity in America, human trafficking, or making music) you are interested or concerned. You cannot ignore or hide your true feelings. Let other people know what you are thinking. If you decide to do what I have said, I give you my 8 steps of building a successful and proud blog:

  1. Get a notebook and pen.
    1. If you do not have them, go buy them at a local store.
  2. Write these important things:
    1. List of topics or ideas (you are interested or concerned)
    2. The title of your blog
    3. Your slogan, catchphrase, or tagline (optional)
    4. Your targeted audience (e.g. college students)
    5. Your logo or brand (maybe optional)
  3. If you do not understand something, get help from online sources, expert blogger(s), or both.
    1. Do online research on how-to articles, facts that support the subject(s) of your blog, etc.
    2. Seek help from professional(s) who can teach you more information about blogging.
      1. I highly recommend James Maverick and Harsh Agrawal whose blog sites each have drawn thousands of readers/followers/subscribers.
  4. Write your first blog post on your notebook.
    1. You would be less frustrated than you would if you start typing on the computer.
    2. You would have more words to come up and write.
    3. Later, you can edit and change your words easily.
  5. Make sure to include an introduction, body, and conclusion for each blog post you write.
    1. All 3 parts would satisfy and encourage your readers to follow and read more of your upcoming blog posts.
    2. If you do not know the 3 parts, do research on Google.
      1. View example(s) of each part.
        1. Then, you should have a clear understanding.
    3. Another option is to look at a dictionary.
  6. Start typing the blog post on your computer.
    1. If you wish, insert links, images, etc.
      1. They would help you win credibility from readers.
    2. Organize all the information.
      1. You can make smooth progress as a result.
  7. Proofread, finalize, and publish the blog post.
    1. Even when you publish it, you can always go back and update it.
    2. Be happy that you are becoming a professional blogger.
  8. Repeat steps 4 – 7 for your second, third, and subsequent blog posts.

A blog post is a dialogue. Like me, you are communicating with your readers about something that bothers or interests you. You are trying to solve any problems your readers may have. You should not care if readers give you positive feedback, negative feedback, or none at all. In addition, you should not care about other results whether they are good or bad. Do not be discouraged. Continue blogging what you love. You are truly making a huge and positive difference around the world. You may earn so much money or become an Internet celebrity someday. You may change so many human lives tomorrow, next month, next year, or many years from now.

The Gold Project Blog (source)



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