My Review – “Ready or Not” Movie

During Fall 2017, writers Guy Busick and R. Christopher Murphy have collaborated with their directors and cast members so that they can all bring “Ready or Not” movie into life. The movie is filled with a combination of horror, comedy, mystery, and suspense. It actually takes place in Ontario, Canada even though it represents the American culture. Its positive results are extra millions of dollars in salary and a few inspired fans who are horror writers and directors themselves.

The movie frankly does not represent this blog. However, I am writing about the movie thanks to my 2nd date with Karina in Odessa, Ukraine. She and Elizabeth have made the movie so unforgettable to me. I may have been a little interested in it. But, talking and sitting next to the ladies have helped me come up with these likes and dislikes:


  • Grace (Samara Weaving)
    • She becomes a lovely bride to Alex Le Doma (Mark O’Brien).
    • She is nice, sincere, and easygoing.
    • When she learns that his family members and employees are serial killers who target those who marry them, she runs from them and fights for her and Alex’s lives and safety.
      • She is probably the only newlywed victim who survives a massacre from her in-laws.
  • ghost of Mr. Le Bail
    • He is diabolical and motivated by greed, money, etc.
    • He responsibly rewards the Le Doma family for killing newlyweds.
    • Because the relatives and employees fail to murder Grace before the next day arrives, he kills all of them one by one.
      • In some way, he is a defender by giving her justice and eliminating her enemies (including her husband (Alex)).

2 Dislikes

  • the Le Domases
    • They are rich, predatory, mysterious, and violent.
      • But, they appear to be kind and welcoming to Grace and other unsuspecting people at first.
    • The family members may target those who come from poverty so that they can easily or quickly get more financial gain from Mr. Le Bail.
    • Fortunately, the family gets a taste of its own medicine at the ending of the movie.
      • I wonder if Grace can legally take their belongings and claim them as hers.
        • After all, she deserves them because she is a former foster child and victim of her psychotic in-laws.
  • family house
    • It is attractive, massive, and heavenly-looking.
    • However, thanks to the evil Le Domases, it would forever have bad memories.
      • Plus, Mr. Le Bail and his nefarious game(s) reside there as well.
    • Whoever takes ownership of the house should do these 2 options:
      • Turn it into a museum or something scary.
      • Remodel and make it as safe and pure as possible for an innocent family to live.


The movie is not as scary as I have originally thought that it would be. I cannot really compare it to the “Hostel” movie series because it is mainly light and silly. But, I can see a similarity between it and a romantic movie because of the marriage between Grace and Alex.

Another reason is my 2nd date with Karina.

She is as beautiful and marriage-minded as Grace is.

They both deserve more than what they receive.

I would like to see the movie again maybe on DVD or digital media.

You (American or Western man) too may enjoy it as much as I have.

Watching it with a good-looking female as your date may confirm your mood.

movie cover – The Daily Campus


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