The International Bachelor

The Bachelor” has started on ABC channel since March 2002. Although I am not a big fan of the American television show, I have watched 3 seasons featuring Jake Pavelka (2010), Brad Womack (his 2nd season – 2011), and Juan Pablo Galavis (2014) separately. I have grown tired of the show today because of the repetitive drama caused by American female contestants from each season. But, I bet there would be less drama, backstabbing, betrayal, etc. if most or all the female contestants are from foreign countries. I can imagine the women getting along, discussing their various cultures and backgrounds, making peace, and showing more respect for each other as well as the male bachelor especially. Now that is a show I would watch regularly.

I plan to watch “The Bachelorette” this year. Different but exciting, season 13 is going to have the first black female (Rachel Lindsay) as the new bachelorette. I know that she is a lawyer. But, she is a beautiful American woman (surprisingly) who somewhat reminds me of a Dominican woman. I want to know her and the male contestants on the show well. I suspect that everyone is expecting or pressuring her to be with a black man. What if she falls deeply in love with a white man instead?

new Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay (right) with former Bachelor Nick Viall (left) – D Magazine

Although I am happy for the upcoming season of “The Bachelorette”, I feel the opposite for “The Bachelor”. If I have a chance to make my version of “The Bachelor”, I would base it only on international dating. I call it “The International Bachelor” because I want to see an American man showing interest in foreign women. Here are 8 things I want to happen for my ideal show:

  • The schedule of the show
    • It can premiere on ABC, BBC America, or some other national/international TV channel.
    • It would come on twice (maybe every Wednesday and every Thursday) a week.
    • It lasts for 8 weeks only.
  • The appearance of the bachelor
    • He is American (as I have mentioned).
    • He is in his late 20’s or early 30’s.
    • He can be white, black, or any other race.
    • He is thin or average.
  • His biography
    • He has a good occupation and earns between $20K and $100K a year.
      • He can be a doctor, lawyer, teacher, musician, businessman, programmer, designer, etc.
    • He comes from a good family.
      • For example, he has parents who have been together for 25 years and 3 siblings (2 sisters and 1 brother).
    • He is outgoing, sociable, and carefree.
      • He loves to spend time with friends at a movie theater, cafe, or any of their houses.
  • His ideal woman
    • He has always been attracted to foreign women.
      • He likes their different appearances, behaviors, and attitudes.
        • He is tired of being single or dating local women who look, think, and act the same.
    • He wants her to be simple, compatible, and non-materialistic.
      • He can talk to her easily.
      • He can be himself around her completely.
      • On bad days (especially at his job), he can return home and have a better mood thanks to her.
      • He can buy her holiday/birthday gifts without her turning to materialism.
      • He wants to create great memories with her.
      • He would love to have kids with her.
        • He thinks that it would be cool for their kids to be part of 2 different cultures (e.g. American and Colombian).
  • Female contestants
    • There are 25 diverse women who participate and show interest in dating or marrying a good man.
    • Each of them is from a different country (in same or different continent).
      • 1 of them is American.
      • Another female is Canadian.
      • 5 others are from Central/South America.
      • 4 females are from Africa.
      • 5 are European.
      • 4 are Asian.
      • 3 are from the Middle East.
      • The last 2 are from Australia and New Zealand.
    • They can share their cultures and build lasting friendships together.
      • Facebook is a good social media site for their ongoing connection.
  • Dating and building relationships
    • He dates each female contestant once a day or so.
    • He tries to individually connect with 25 women.
  • Narrowing list of female contestants
    • Unfortunately, he has to eliminate and send the majority of women home.
      • He does that by giving rose to the ones he likes or connects more.
    • He repeats what he does until he is left with 2 women.
      • This happens from Weeks 1 to 7.
  • Picking the One
    • At the season finale (Week 8), he takes 2 women on special dates.
      • He reunites with each woman and initially meets her family at her country, romances her at her favorite place(s), and has a heartfelt conversation with her regarding their relationship.
      • He gives the final rose to his chosen woman.
      • In addition, he proposes and puts an engagement ring on her finger.
      • There is no “No Women Tell All” episode.
        • The rejected female contestants, who are mostly foreign women, do not like or believe in gossip.
        • They want to move on with their lives.
        • They are happy for the bachelor and his fiancee.

“The Bachelor” has become predictable and boring. Hopefully, “The Bachelorette” would be better and motivate me to watch more episodes of this upcoming season. I want to see who the black woman Rachel chooses at the season finale. However, both TV shows are not as exciting as my imaginary show “The International Bachelor” is. I love international dating; I want to see more of it in TV and film. Today, Hollywood, Redbox, Nickelodeon, and others (except for Lifetime and Tyler Perry whose 3 drama TV shows I watch frequently) have all these movies/TV shows that are weird, stupid, illogical, corny, forgettable, boring, etc. But, why do the people not produce enough movies/TV shows about American men dating or marrying foreign women? Maybe if one of them reads this blog post, he or she may be inspired to make my dream TV show come true.

DCF 1.0
Man (American) and his wife (Philippine) – Happier Abroad Forum


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