Why Do I Think Most Dating Websites Are Not Good Enough?

There are countless dating websites (domestic and international) on the Internet. You therefore would believe that you have multiple chances of finding the right woman. If these dating websites are so good, then why are many people still single or divorced? The reason is that most of the dating websites are either possible scams or mediocre ones that would leave you disappointed, frustrated, and discouraged. They are nothing compared to loveme.com (A Foreign Affair), Latin Affairs, and Dream Connections, 3 of the best dating websites I highly recommend to any American or Western man who is interested in foreign women. Any of those 3 dating websites (I have linked) would seriously and successfully help you find your foreign girlfriend or wife. If you instead decide to join domestic or international dating website(s) that only provides email and chat communication between singles, expect the unexpected. You could be talking to anybody. You could be communicating with a possible scammer, fraud, psychopath, another man, another woman, or surprisingly the real woman whose online profile and photo(s) confirms her identity. You are pretty much creating your own version of the MTV series “Catfish“. Why not call and ask Nev and Max about being on their show?

These numerous, pointless dating websites (except loveme.com, Latin Affairs, and Dream Connections) do not provide romance tours, one-on-one introductions (also known as individual tours), or a safe and easy way you can meet someone. They, including Amolatina (which used to have romance tours in the past) and eHarmony, only allow email/chat communication between you and the “woman” you are interested. Does that fact make you suspicious? What if you want to actually meet “her” after months or years of communication? Is the dating website company going to make this meeting easier and safer for you and “her”? Or is it going to leave you to figure out what to do next? If you plan to marry “her”, you might be on your own to get the fiancee visa and other requirements. But, if you find someone from Dream Connections, Latin Affairs, or A Foreign Affair dating agency, you would have plenty of help from the owners, translators, personal assistants, etc. You can save much frustration, energy, and even money.

Another thing I do not like about eHarmony, Amolatina, Plenty of Fish (POF) and the other mediocre dating websites is that you cannot view the pictures of women for free. You have to register, complete a profile, and even pay for membership so that you can continue to look at pictures/profiles of women. On my personal experience(s) with those dating websites, I have given up. I do not want to pay for looking at pictures/profiles of women I may not meet and date anyway. I feel like one of the “catfished” victims on “Catfish”. A Foreign Affair or loveme.com, Latin Affairs, and Dream Connections are the opposites. You can look at the profiles/pictures of women without registering, completing a profile, or paying. However, on loveme.com, you do have to register or log in for viewing more pictures of foreign women. You alsomust pay a certain amount ($4.00) in order to see a video of a foreign woman. You only get three months to watch that video. Seeing her talking, smiling, modeling, etc. is worth the price.

Why are more American/Western wasting time, money, and energy from writing to possible scammers on these mediocre dating websites? Why are they not interested in going to a foreign country, meeting actual women, and spending less money? Are they scared to get on an airplane, be around beautiful women, or both? Do they want to continue fantasizing about these foreign women? If so, then those women may move on with other men (local or foreign). Foreign women are indeed looking for serious and real men. If you are communicating with a foreign woman online but you are hiding behind your computer and refusing to go meet her, then she might stop waiting for you and find another guy as your replacement. An American woman would not hesitate to do the same to you.

There are some dating websites (e.g. Craigslist) I find shady. There are also others (e.g. Amolatina, eHarmony, Plenty of Fish, match.com) I consider okay. But, the best dating websites such as loveme.com, Latin Affairs, and Dream Connections are also my favorite ones. I can look at profiles/pictures of beautiful, sane foreign women on my laptop computer or mobile phone without logging in or paying any money. I can directly get in contact with the owners via email or phone. I get total facts and no games, deception, lies, etc. Not only am I treated like a royal customer but also I am treated like a human being who is important to any of those 3 dating agencies. My happiness and relationship with a foreign woman matters more than my money does. Do you really get much respect and fair treatment from eHarmony, Craigslist, another dating website, or even a different business (e.g. McDonald’s)?


  1. I have been using a Foreign affair and I agree totally with your post. I’m planning on meeting someone in June and it’s feels good knowing you can plan a 1 on 1 meetup with one of the ladies on that site. All of the girls are real and you don’t have to worry about being catfished. Great post

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    • Thanks. I have written a blog post about 5 dating websites I consider the best ones of this entire planet. I may be wrong. But, they are:

      1. Dream Connections
      2. A Foreign Affair (loveme.com)
      3. eHarmony
      4. Latin Affairs
      5. Tinder

      I would include a 6th one (Cupid Media website) which is a group of various dating websites for all kinds of people around the world.


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