Foreign Lives Matter

I understand why many black Americans have come up with “black America” and “Black Lives Matter” organizations (despite of their self-righteous attitudes). Also, I understand why many white Americans (who are honestly undeserving) still want to be in control of the media, government, law, economy, etc. However, when it comes to foreigners, most Americans of both races treat them the same way (because of what I have witnessed at my previous jobs). Foreigners, regardless of their races, personalities, or nationalities, are either seen as angels or devils (or terrorists especially) once they come to United States for a temporary or permanent stay. Whether they are actually good or not, they are treated unfairly by subjective Americans. A good example is a foreign woman who meets the family and friends of her future American husband (during the 90-day fiance visa period). I do not understand or condone any hostility from his loved ones because they do not personally know her.

Why are foreigners (especially foreign women) so important to me?

Why do many people in the United States or Western world have strong opinions (mostly negative) about them?

If you (American or Western man) are one of those naysayers, please read the following 5 positive facts regarding people from foreign countries:

  • Foreigners are human beings like we are.
  • They are living and connecting souls.
    • Like us, they exist in order to do the purposes of God.
    • Because they are part of collectivist cultures, they stay close to their family members and friends regardless.
      • We however lose personal relationships easily in the States or Western world.
      • We barely know or talk to all of our cousins and other family relatives (except immediate ones).
  • Foreign women have particular characteristics that many American/Western men seek in their ideal girlfriends or wives.
    • Click this linked blog post and read why I am so attracted to foreign ladies.
    • Instead of remaining single or getting involved with immoral women locally, American/Western men can exactly find who they want overseas.
    • Most foreign women probably think that they are not good enough for American/Western men.
      • But, the women probably would have second thoughts after learning the frustration and disappointment of American/Western dating.
      • Without foreign women (as beautiful as they are inside and out), more American/Western men probably would turn to:
        • hatred (and possibly self-hatred)
        • pornography
        • bitterness
        • perversion
        • homicide
        • suicide
        • drugs
        • regular or excessive drinking
  • Everyone makes the world as it is today.
    • Our identities and nationalities do not matter.
    • Our actions, words, and thoughts affect other people in a positive or negative way.
    • Regardless of their racial, cultural, etc. differences, all Americans, Westerners, and foreigners exist for:
      • connecting with each other
      • making their lives better
  • Foreigners bring much success to American/Western businesses, schools, and so on.
    • Just like rich people need poor (and perhaps middle class) people to make them richer, American/Western companies need certain qualities and skills from foreigners in order to gain more popularity, money, etc.
    • I highly recommend Fiverr website to you or anyone else who needs help on his or her business, website, or project.
    • Thanks to “90 Day Fiance” TV series, foreigners are also creating successful marriages with their American/Western spouses as well.

Because people in United States and Westernized countries are given freedom and respect, foreigners (especially victims of human trafficking) deserve the same too.

I thank the Lord God for creating and giving me chances to meet and date incredible ladies in Colombia and Dominican Republic. I am a better man as a result. I want to help you and other single American/Western men to overcome any obstacle (e.g. family, money, or job) and consequently find happiness (e.g. a potential girlfriend or wife) abroad.

There really should be a global organization called “Foreign Lives Matter”. Many innocent women and children (plus some men) are suffering from fear, poverty, sexual assault, workplace abuse, arranged marriage, human trafficking, etc. in China, India, Brazil, Honduras, Nigeria, South Africa, and many other countries. They need as much humanitarian help as many American/Western victims do.

Hopefully, due to this blog post, more foreign victims are rescued and protected. They may not matter to most people who are living their “perfect” lives. But, foreigners (especially foreign women) are important to me and definitely God.

Without their good hearts and intentions, I would probably not be who I am today.

I would probably have no desire to go to different countries because I would wrongly think that foreign women and the ones in my country are alike.

I would probably stop believing in true love because no woman seems right for me.

I would probably no longer care about my life overall.

Because God knows that more human problems would have occurred in the world, He has made everyone different physically and psychologically.

Foreigners may be irrelevant or different to me, you, and the rest of America and the Western world.

However, the majority of them has something (e.g. unconditional love, approachability, unity, or creativity) we cannot find where we live.

For that reason, they truly do matter.

foreign family – Philippine Primer


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