3 Options for Single or Divorced American Men

Many of us American and Western men enjoy being single (especially if we have faced ugly breakups or divorces). We can do whatever we want and go wherever we want without asking or telling women we are not attached (anymore). We can sleep or hook up with different women; we can avoid committing or marrying them. We have enough time for themselves (except if we have children to nurture).

However, what if we suddenly want serious relationships with women?

What if we become lonely at an older age?

What if we grow tired or bored of the same women (who do not care much about us as human beings)?

What if we want to go to a movie theater or roller-skating rink with the right women instead?

Singlehood is good to some extent. But, we may want to change our marital statuses. We probably cannot move forward without our second halves. We therefore have the following 3 life choices to make:

Choice 1: Pursue sincere women in a foreign country.

There are 2 great reasons why we should value and meet foreign women overseas:

Women in foreign countries are worth dating, befriending, or marrying. Their physical beauty and personality traits prove it. Most of us would fail to find women with both inner and outer beauty in the United States or a Westernized country.

Choice 2: Pursue local American or Western women.

I can care less about local dating or online dating. Each of them leads to disappointing results. I only want to go overseas and spend time with beautiful foreign women.

But, if you and other men are interested in dating and connecting with local women, then I give you good luck. I know that there are some good women in United States and Westernized countries. In fact, I have written a blog post about these women. Seeking good American/Western women is as difficult as finding a lost child or children. You may become frustrated or tired of waiting. You may however be successful in finding suitable women. Otherwise, you may end up with women who are difficult or wrong for you.

Choice 3: Remain single.

I currently enjoy not being in a relationship with a local American/Western woman who can make my life worse than it is. Dealing with people at my job and sometimes my family at home is enough suffering for me. That is why I want to build a successful business. I can make enough money so that I can go wherever (e.g. Ukraine) I want to go and be around whoever I can connect. I see a foreign woman as a savior because she is stopping me from turning to loneliness or misery with a local woman from hell.

If you all do not want to get married, I honestly cannot blame you. You may find most or all the local women incompatible or difficult. Other possible reasons that you may want to stay single are:

If you consider international dating, you may want to be in a relationship leading to potential marriage. You may want to have kid(s) as well. Despite that there are countless foreign women who are obviously different from American/Western women, you would see marriage, commitment, or family in a positive and maybe desirable way.

Making life choices is not easy. But, if we want positive results, we must follow our hearts. We must do what is right for us. Some of us are meant to be with foreign women. Some of us are meant to be with American/Western women. The rest of us is meant to remain single for life.

Why do we do different things?

The reason is that we are all naturally different. We think, act, and want different things. We want to be with different women or none at all. We are truly following our hearts. It does not matter what our family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and the rest of the society say or think. We have to accept their life choices whether we like them or not. As a result, the people should do the same for us too. We are all human beings who are made in the image of God and destined to do His different purposes in the world.

diverse American/Western men – Sutter Delta Medical Center


  1. I’m Mary Sandra Lola by name, I’m originally from Huntsville Alabama, I’m currently in Nigeria, I have a complicated story
    I’m single and looking for relationship someone who will love me and care for me

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    • Thanks for your comment.

      Although my blog is mainly for single men looking for good women, I can help a good woman like you too.

      Here is my advice for you:

      1. Pray, ask, and believe that God would send you the right man.

      2. You can visit good dating websites like eHarmony, Tinder, and especially Cupid Media (which has different kinds of dating websites worldwide).

      3. If you want to get in contact with someone, I highly recommend Mark Davis from Dream Connections. His email address is: mark@dreamconnections.com. He can probably help you find someone suitable for you.


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