Man with a Plan

Whether I go to my job, a grocery store, a barbershop, a church, or even someone’s home, I always face the same unpleasant result:

Because I am mainly an introvert, I receive less mental energy every time I am around them. I do not have much to say to them either. Indeed, Michaela Chung of “Introvert Spring” blog is correct about these facts. I need my space so that I can think clearly and logically. Also, I can do what I truly want to do without being judged or discouraged. No wonder I enjoy being alone often. But, I need to spend some time with other people for full sanity and help with any challenges I face.

I am not like most people. They just want to talk nonstop. However, they do not want to go anywhere or do anything exceptional. I am glad that I am emotionally different. I want to walk the walk. I want to spend the rest of my life by doing constructive and inspirational things for myself and others. This blog and its Facebook page (which now has over 3,000 likes) are good examples. Thanks to travel and business blogger James Maverick, I have another instance described below:

My Plan

  1. Wait for him and his team to finish my online business.
    1. I am ready to begin it.
    2. I would no longer be a modern day slave worker to unappreciative managers/supervisors.
  2. Make it very successful.
    1. I am willing to do blood, sweat, and tears.
    2. I am willing to wait as long as it takes.
    3. I am willing to pay much money to experts who can help me draw many customers.
  3. Earn enough money to:
    1. pay my student loans
    2. donate to those in need
    3. go on more trips overseas
  4. Resign from my current job.
    1. Like my last job, I plan to give my manager(s) or supervisor(s) a letter of resignation.
    2. Then, after I leave there, I am going to celebrate with my family probably.
    3. I can thus stay up and sleep late.
  5. Plan a trip back to paradise.
    1. I cannot wait to visit a foreign country again.
    2. I am ready to be back in the presence of angelic ladies.
  6. Repeat the foreign trips until I find my future girlfriend or wife.
    1. I am interested in going to these 4 countries due to irresistible women:
      1. Dominican Republic (return there and join Latin Affairs agency)
      2. Colombia (return there the 3rd time and join A Foreign Affair or Dream Connections agency)
      3. Ukraine (go there and join A Foreign Affair agency)
      4. Philippines (go there and join A Foreign Affair agency)
    2. As difficult as it is, I have to choose 1 woman for serious commitment or marriage.
      1. Now, I understand why polygamy exists.
        1. But, I do not justify it.
        2. Each good foreign woman deserves her own American/Western boyfriend or husband.
        3. Her amazing heart and character should be enough for him.
      2. When it comes to many women who are beautiful inside and out, any man would have a hard time to select.
      3. But, like him, I can remain single or marry a foreign woman so that I can:
        1. share a better life with her in the States
        2. travel around the world and eat exotic food together with her

If you (American or Western man) want to enjoy your life 100%, come up with an original, organized, and rational plan like I have.

If you are around family, friends, or other extroverted people who give you ongoing confusion, discouragement, misery, foolishness, or drama, keep your distance from them.

Whether you are alone or partnered with 1 or more supportive individuals, start the journey to your dream life. You deserve to be free and content with a sincere woman. Do not let others give you demands, treat you like a boy, or encourage you to do what they want. Instead, lead them to the way of:

  • (whole) truth
  • freedom
  • joy
  • peace

Lies, slavery, unhappiness, secrets, and other negative things (that many people cause repeatedly) are going to end sooner or later.

International dating is truly rising thanks to this Bloomberg-TV and CNN commercial.

Then, you, I, and other men who date/marry foreign women can finally be accepted by the media, society, and rest of the world.

Proverbs 16-9
Proverbs 16:9 (Bible verse about a man’s plan) – Perry Goh blog


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