Falling in Love with a Translator

A translator, whether it is human or machine, helps people (e.g. American man and Colombian woman) communicate with each other by translating their languages. The result is that the people can understand the words they say to each other. Usually, a foreign woman is hired as a translator for an international (int’l) dating/marriage agency. She, compared to a foreign female client seeking true love from an American or Western man, has many good qualities. She can be trusted. Another attractive thing about her is her good reputation.

A foreign man can also be hired as a translator too. But, he most likely does not share the same qualities of his female counterpart. He may be considered suspicious. In addition, you (an American or Western male client) may feel awkward by having a male translator. If you are spending more time with the translator than you are with any foreign woman you meet/date, you may have a problem. As a result, you should instead request or hire a female translator on your next trip abroad.

I say the above possibilities because of my personal experience in Santiago, Dominican Republic (in November 2016). I never want to have another male translator again. This piece of trash (Argelis) for a human being has taken advantage of me. He has looked at me as an ATM machine. I stupidly have given him more money than I am supposed to do so for his lousy services. Although he has guided me through Santiago, he really has not contacted and introduced enough women for me to meet/date. Furthermore, he has lied and made me believe that we are friends. I already have a true friend whose name is Erika (Colombian); I have known her for almost 9 years. She is the total opposite of Argelis. I do not have contact or any relationship with him at all. He is a history that I would not repeat. I am a believer of the Biblical phrase “Actions speak louder than words“. It does not matter what a person (e.g. translator) says but what he or she does.

Now I understand why most or all translators from international dating agencies are women only. Why would you (an American/Western man) not fall in love with your female translator? Here are 7 adjectives or characteristics that attract you to her:

  • She is beautiful.
    • You would learn the true meaning of a real woman.
      • Her physical features and mature behavior would teach you.
    • I cannot stop looking at Irina, a gorgeous Ukrainian woman whose profession is a current manager for Dream Connections group quest tours in Nikoleav, Ukraine.
      • I would consider joining a quest tour so that I can meet and hopefully have her as my translator/personal assistant.
  • She is simple.
    • You can talk to her despite the language barriers possibly.
      • You can probably tell her secrets you have never told.
    • You can connect with her the same way or more than you do with your family/friends.
      • Even if you have nothing else to say to her, you still feel strongly connected with her.
      • You would want to stay in contact with her when you return to your home country (e.g. United States).
  • She is important.
    • You would see and treat her as a role model, mother, sister, teacher, etc.
    • You would value her the same way you do with the other females in your life.
    • You cannot emotionally live without her.
      • Moving on or going back to your life in America may be boring, depressing, and or difficult.
        • I have experienced boredom and depression every time I return to the States.
  • She is angelic.
    • You may see her as flawless and innocent.
    • You may think that she has descended from Heaven.
      • You may also think that you are in Heaven.
        • You would want to stay or move there as well.
  • She is caring.
    • You feel safe every time you are with her.
    • You can discuss your problems and get solutions from her.
    • She would indeed help you find the right woman.
      • She would talk, show signs, and or give you feedback/advice on your 1-on-1 introductions and dates with different women.
    • She might invite you to her house.
      • She would treat you as a famous guest.
      • She would cook food for you.
      • She would introduce you to her family and friends.
  • She is inspiring.
    • Your attitude toward women would change forever.
      • You would realize the differences between foreign women and American/Western women.
      • You would no longer have that hatred or “want nothing to do with women” attitude.
      • You may become serious about marriage to a foreign woman.
    • You may want to find another woman (foreign or American/Western) like her.
    • You may forget or lose interest in women back at home.
  • Finally, she is personal.
    • Have you ever dreamed of meeting and building a relationship with someone who understands you?
      • If so, she does exist.
        • You have to go where she is.
    • She has qualities you cannot find in other people back at home.
    • You can be yourself with her 100%.
      • I feel the same way with Erika regardless of our different cultures, backgrounds, ages, races, etc.
      • You would probably never have that ability with anyone else.
        • It would not matter if that person is a stranger, friend, or family member.

A child can make up an invisible friend; but you, as an adult, can find an actual friend in a translator especially. All you have to do is get on an airplane, fly to a foreign country (e.g. Thailand), meet her, and hire her for your services. Plus, you would meet more friends (e.g. foreign women) with good qualities. You would fall in love with the culture, food, people, etc. abroad. Why should you keep having imaginations (because a child does) when you can just go overseas and make your dreams come true? Why should you stay home?Why do you think that local women are as beautiful inside and out as foreign women are? Why do you also think that therapists/psychologists are as loving as foreign translators are? Every American/Western man who has gone overseas would tell you otherwise. If you listen to him and visit Ukraine, Colombia, or some other foreign country, you would believe him. You would believe that you are in paradise.

Marina and beautiful Irina (Ukrainian translators) – Dream Connections YouTube Channel



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