In the Presence of a Foreign Woman

You (American or Western man) may think that being single is okay. But, do you have imaginations, view images, or watch videos of women online? If so, then you are not really happy with your marital status. You desperately want a woman; you need her in your life. Your feelings are partial to human nature. Why should you continue thinking and looking at women you are not going to meet, talk, date, or have any physical contact? Why do you need to abstain yourself from being with an actual woman?

I tell you, based on my personal experiences, that going overseas and meeting foreign women is so much better than staying home, staying single, pretending to be happy, and focusing on imaginary or unavailable women. Your life would forever be changed once you go to a foreign country. You would have access to countless attractive women whose characteristics you would never find within local women at your city of residence. You can look at every foreign woman without freaking her out or getting in trouble. You can talk to her without being ignored. You can probably touch her if you are serious about her. You can hug, kiss, and or hold hands with her. You can dance with her. You can choose what you want, where you want to go, etc. and she would agree with you. You can be yourself around her 100%; she would not pressure, manipulate, or change who you are. You would not be the same person again. You would be more alive than ever. When you return to the States or a Westernized country, you may face any or all of the following 5 results:

  • loss of interest in American/Western women
    • You do not want to date locally.
    • You do not want to fantasize or view images/videos of American women that much or anymore.
      • But, you might instead fantasize/look at foreign women online.
        • It is what I do; I think or look at women I can possibly meet, date, communicate, etc.
  • desire to go another trip abroad
    • You want to reunite with the foreign women you have met and developed a relationship.
    • You are motivated to earn and save as much money as you can.
      • If you have to get another job or grow your business, then you must do so.
        • Then, you can return overseas sooner than later.
          • This explains why I am still working at my current job of almost 3 months.
            • Part of me wants to quit and find another job.
              • But, if I stay, I can go back to Dominican Republic in February 2018.
                • I must first request 5 vacation days and get an approval from my supervisor(s).
  • having a change of heart toward local American/Western women
    • You are desperate for a woman because of your newfound experiences with foreign women.
    • You have more confidence in approaching, talking, dating, etc. any woman.
    • You believe that you can find a local woman who is similar to a foreign woman.
  • desire for a serious commitment or marriage to a foreign woman
    • I want to find my future wife through Facebook or WhatsApp.
      • Regularly communicating and looking at her images/videos would make me develop feelings for her.
    • You start thinking about your life with her ideally.
      • You may want to have kid(s) with her.
    • You cannot live without her.
    • You do not want to remain single or alone for the rest of your life.
    • You do not want to be with a local American/Western woman.
      • You do not see a future with her.
        • She may not be the right woman for you.
  • realization that being single/alone is unhealthy
    • Why do you think that God has created Eve for Adam?
    • Your heart (love for a foreign woman), mind (thoughts about her), and body (physical or sexual contact with her) are suffering for her.
    • Because you are human, you need to connect with others.
    • Having constant thoughts or viewing online images/videos of women may not solve your loneliness.
    • If you die or become sick at an old age, you would be living in regret and depression.
    • Be with a foreign woman who can help improve your health and life.
      • Thanks to her, you would have zero regrets and good memories when you become older.

You cannot ignore or replace real women with imaginations, images, and videos of different women. Why are you doing that to yourself? You would be satisfied for only a short time. Then, you would want to repeat. You might as well admit that you are just like a porn addict.

You deserve to be with a beautiful woman. If you cannot find her locally, go find her in Colombia, Ukraine, the Philippines, China, or another foreign country instead. Meet her face to face. Talk to her. Have a translator involved if you have a language barrier. Caress her hair, arms, hands, etc. Put your arms around her shoulders. You would therefore feel great and more alive than you ever have. You would want to stay abroad longer or permanently. You would not want to return to your lonely life in America or some Western country (e.g. England). Also, you definitely would not want to focus on imaginary and unavailable women. Life is short. Enjoy and spend the rest of it with a gorgeous foreign woman in your arms.

Source for 3 images of Anna: Dream Connections


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